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It's time to go beyond the yogurt and berries combo. There are many other ways to cook with yogurt. Not to mention, it's a healthy diary substitute for some dishes. You'll be surprise how versatile this ingredient is once you finish reading this card.

Yogurt as butter replacement.

Everyone needs a break from butter and yogurt seem like the best tasty alternative.

Yogurt as a frozen treat.

Make a sorbet, frozen yogurt, or popsicle. You have many options!

Yogurt as a smoothie base.

You can basically pair it with any fruit combo and still get a creamy smoothie.

Yogurt as a sauce.

Greek food lovers will agree. Pair it with falafel, gyros and grilled veggies!
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I use it to make spinach yogurt dip for potato chips. It's super delicious
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@stargaze Trader Joe's carry a similar dip! It's addicting.
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I've been craving a peanut butter banana shake for DAYS now. This is only making it worse!
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Also, use Greek yogurt when you cook your chicken. Give your chicken a thick coating before setting it to cook. It gives it this sort of a bread-crumb-affect and it keeps your chicken juicy!
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