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On first look, this picture is stunning. On second glance, we have a MAJOR PROBLEM! While the table set here was not for an actual wedding, but for a trade event, the problem remains: that gorgeous centerpiece is completely wrong for a dining table. It belongs OFF the table and as a point of beauty as the decor, the buffet, or vignette.
The scale of the design overshadows the table itself. It can begin to look cartoonish because of the proportion issue. But more problematic is that the dimensions of the design don't give any visual clearance for guests to see and talk to each other and across the table. Major red flag there.
As I said earlier, this was a conceptual design for a trade event. And what you may or may not know about events such as these, the point is to be stunning. The table rules almost don't apply because no one sits at the tables. That's why I CAUTION you about choosing your "look" from showrooms. You can read more about my advice about that here.