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Special guests Go soo & Han hyo joo 'RUNNING MAN' This program will be aired on every sunday in SBS 6:10 PM. HEHEHE So would you want to see me, come here !! actually...not me...hehehe you want 'running man's live recap !!! Anyway have a good day ! Everyone woke up! Lazy hyo joo kkk Jae seok says: um.. i think HJ is not that busy bee. HJ: i am a busy bee !!!!!! kkkk Cute Cute. Today's goal is enjoying good food and drink. When the members achive the mission in each resturant, then they will get one stroke ( 王 means king) So if the member complete the all the strokes, he or she will be a king who have most strong power in the final stage) Fist mission place Jeon joo bibimbob !(Famous korean food) VS Bean Sprout Soup with Rice (Also really famous) Friend eggs, they get props to be a bibimbob. Bean sprout team, they have to jump the obstacles but fail ...fail... fail... kkkkkk Hyo joo thought that if she arrives the resturant, she can eat all the food but the reality is not.... they become a bibimbob.. HJ:Seriously... i'm hungry !!! (This angry character cute cute..because i'm also hungry..) Hyo joo tries tries again and again to eat bibimbob. Her passion drives her to try the mission again and again.. ignoring the rules. Anyway next mission place. Jeon joo meal with a bowl rice VS jeon joo korean table d'hote. Only haha comes to the jeon joo korean table d'hote. Maybe the possibility to be a king will be raised . Strong candidate. This mission is like someone order what to eat. If he or she follows the order 10 in a row, then they can success this mission. Order is like, eat tofu with a kimchi steam. Go soo time He behaviors really slowly but he is really patient. Let's start.. wow...he didn't open the cover... bashful turtle..kkkk Jeon joo meal with a bowl rice Gary and ji hyo and gwang soo comes to this mission stage. There are 37 foods on the table but some dishes include really hot horseadish. Who eat this dishes? kkk Gary win but he eat this dish very well..... calm.. Other people try this dish.... crying crying...kkk Gary : Um... it is like the rice porridge with chili. On the other hand, nobody success this mission not yet. JS challenges ! Be ready! he remembers the place of foods..but nothing works..kkk Orderer: macherel! Fail Hyo joo order eat the anchovywrapped in lettuce ! drink water eat the bread ... wow success ! HJ goes next level. Plce :Jeon joo meal with a bowl rice, JK choose the hot dish...a capable person's roar. This mission: woodchopping. Before starting this, HJ finds the bugs on her jacket. HJ: um.. hey.. i have to do woodchopping, would you please make way for me? kkkk anyway an elder explains how to do woodchopping. Because of this advice, JS passes this mission. On the other hand, Go soo... slowly...slowly.. GS:i think it's time to nap...after 10 minutes i will start again.. After he arrives, JS says why are you so late? GS: I think most people tends to be so fast. we have to be patient..kkk (This character really fun) Anyway breaking roof tiles mission. JH WOW she seems to be a guy. She break all the roof tiles while other guys can't break that. Go soo 's mind 'You only live once so enjoy the life ' Anyway next mission place kalguksu, (handmade) chopped noodles VS adzuki beans noodles. (I'm really hungry..... this episode is too cruel to me....) This mission: you carry the beans or barley while you continue your saying. lee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gary hold his breath lee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~but fail. Another stage oh gwang soo But this mission is too difficult to him. blow the powder and drop something? (Sorry i can't catch exactly this mission anyway things like that) Gwang soo thinks it is impossible to do it so he goes to the PD and his anger exploded kkk. carrying the beans...wow....i think bean is easier than barley. Gwang soo oh i got it the rule. Blowing the broccoli !!If it pass the line, then success ! Before and after of broccoli. Much smaller. Do you know why? BECAUSE Gwang soo picks at broccoli. KKKK ANYWAY WOW HE DID IT ! So gwang soo fianlly writes all the strokes to be a king. Hyo joo also finishes mission so the person who arrives frist at final stage, will be a king. Gwang soo is faster than hyo joo.so GS is a king ! Final stage King can't die even someone takes off his name tag. Other people are the public ..they have to find ballots. If the majority votes the ballot, then the king will be changed. Girraffe king KKK. He is dying for starting ! he has all the powerkkk everyone is afraid of him. GS: I will follow you at the end of the hell. Complete Tyrant GS. Public think... GS king hurts my pride.... Go soo and seok jin find the ballot. JS support Seok jin to be a king. Becuse he is weak so even he becomes a king, nation can be active in this country...wow already treason. He faced with JK and haha. He charges toward JK and haha...but...it's time to do business as a king so he has to go back to his place. KKKK after finishing this work, he can catch the running man members how cute ! Stamping his seal on the papers. Go soo and seok jin vote for Seok jin but SJ died... so all the ballot that votes for seok jin annul. GS takes off Haha's name tag. They vote for another king maybe they select hyo joo. JS find the ballot and also gary !! oh way to go . Could she be a queen? kkk GS also has to his work. i'm a king of this running man world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! roaring outside. JS:Hey gwang soo, how is the king? GS: it's a hell. Don't be the king ! GS king fight against JK, JH votes ballot of the confusion. Vote is finished ! 3/6 selected hyo joo. so the second king is hyo joo. Previous king GS is a first target. Other public capture GS already ! . kkkkk it's time to take off his name tag. wow wow wow everyone cheers. Gary: We will follow your order. Who do you want to be removed? HYO JOO watches JK. He is on the purge list but he insists that I will be a bodyguard for you..please do not do it. HJ: Sure, i will nominate you as my warrior. kkkk JK captures gary. HJ: okay, i will give you a final chance to say anything. tell my anything. Gary :I love you. (What? kkkkk) Is it a crime to love a queen as a public? hy is laughing but takes off his name tag. kkkk Her bussiness is stringing beads. After finishing her work, hj comes out. HJ: Where is my warrior? hum.. Finish the vote, so it's time to announce vote count results. 2/4 publics choose the king 'JS' He already changes his languate. To go soo, thanks to your effort. i owe my success to you. Who do you want to be? as my warrior? GS: I DON'T want to be a warrior. JS:Then what about general? GS:i DON'T want to be anything.. i'm satisfied with this place..as a public. Anyway JS chases HJ to remove.... JK:Come here queen, even though you're not a queen now, but i'm still your warrior.. HJ: Self camera - Thanks.... But anyway JK is out Ji hyo and go soo.... they both persuade JS... JH:hey king.. consider the situation..i'm more proper to you. GS:i don't have any greed to be a king. but anyway go soo is out.... It's time to take off her name tag. HJ: Okay.. then i will die at the place that my warrior dies... so hj is out. JS:i will give you 20 seconds to you... please don't treat me coldly.... okay run away from me. JH...OH she has a ballot already ! kkk JS get embarassed... So the last king is JI hyo !!!
@minyk2002 haha ya coz she kept getting "bullied" by the members...haha even though it's for the fun of the show and to make her feel more welcomed...
Don't be sorry ~ it is just 1 spelling miss hehe
toonie oh really? why???? maybe the character of this ep?
@minyk2002 oops i'm so sorry..hyo joo i mean!
hyo hoo? who is hyo hoo?? you mean hyo joo?
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