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SJ are touched by SK's love toward her bf. In the meanwhile, SK finally starts to struggle to marry with the rich guy. Let's see how's she gonna do~;) YJ says "Hey, you didn't hear second answer. This is. This all has what you want and how I got into CheongDamDong. This is all I can give for you. Instead I will help you how to start. When you get this, we're done clearly ok?" SK opens the evelop and there's a diary. In there, it says 'Chapter 1:If you are going to be black, be black totally.' In the meanwhile, SJ gets worried of SK. Seeing him, his friend Dong Uk asks "Do you like her? Why you wanna help her continually?" SK comes back home and her father says "I decided to sell my house. There are numerous apts in Seoul, but mine is nowhere. This is all money I have, 5000000W...My life, 30 yrs, is this amount.." Her family cries and SK swear she gonna be black. YJ explains. "Chapter2: Find little rabbit. There are many fancy restauratns in CDD. The fastest person in CDD is Ta Mi Hong. He's a designer and at the sametime makes clothe for daughter in law. It helps to introduce a lady to a rich guy. You need his help. First, you need styling. Tmr comes to me, preparing CDD style." At that night, SK reads Chapter 3: It's cheap not because it's cheap but because a person is cheap. Next day, SK meets YJ wearing CDD styling she thought. YJ says "You gotta have a bag which ppl asks where did you buy it. It doesn't matter if it's masterpiece or not. It has to look new and fancy and has a good texture. And don't run even if u're busy. Just take taxi." SK thinks of getting a part time job to buy new clothes and items. In the meanwhile, Ta Mi Hong calls a women's asking which introduce her daughter to ARTEMIS president, SJ. Next morning, SJ sends a text to SK. 'How are you~~?^^' And SK asks her friend to find info about Ta Mi Hong. During conference, SJ cares if there's a text from SK. She sends a text, 'Yes, I'm doing well.' He thinks how to send an answer. 'Why you don't answer? You seems busy..Are you ingnoring me?ㅠㅠㅠ If tou feel burden about me, just tell me.' SK is working, then suddenly SJ appears in front of her. "Why you don't get my call? Why you don't text me? You makes me worrying!" SK says "Do you know u're acting weird? Just help me to pick up these bags. If you don't have anything to talk to me, I will go." Coming back to office, SJ orders to change SK as regular permanent position. He calls to someone, "Hey, it's me. I have a designer to recommend you." SK works in CDD fancy restuarant that TMH comes usually. SK guesses he's vegetarian seeing he wore clothe only vegetarian designer made. At the moment he leaves, he asks SK's name being touched by her sense and manners. TMH have conference with SJ. "Would you come to my party? I will introduce some ppl." In the meanwhile, SK tells YJ what she found out about TMH. YJ says "Do you know why I didn't like you? You've done anything so hard. It looks untrendy. But I think it can work in CDD." And SJ introduce SK as good designer to TMH. Seeing his bracelet, he asks "The pattern looks unique. Where did you get it?" SJ says "It's handmade. This is present." Coming out from his office, TMH calls to SJ's father. "I think SJ is in relation with a lady. I gotta find out more." SJ's father is taking a look his mart and sees a man is complaining cuz he failed because of the mart. SJ's father pretends to apologize him to make good image for his company. In his office, he talks with the man who is SK's father. "I came here to survive together. I wanna work with you." Next day, SJ's father opens new bakery to help SK's father. But SK's parents doesn't feel happy, cuz he just pretends to help. Actually he uses SK's father for good image of company. TMH comes to the restuarant again. He asks "You told me u're my fan. May I ask why?" SK says "I just got impressed you got successful starting from Korea." TMH says "I have party. Would you come? You can meet many ppl which is good opportunity for you." SK asks a help YJ how to wear in party. YJ explains "Chapter 4: Be confident. When you are in party, you'd better stand for 10 seconds pretending you have someone to escort you. Find who comes to party before hand. But the important thing is not man. Show TMH how much you appeal to guys. That's point." SK is doing well in a party according to YJ's teaching. Then SJ comes and TMG leads SJ to SK. SJ gets embarrassed and SK says "Introduce me the president. I wanna say thank you to him" Suddenly a guy which introduces him as Jang president comes to her. She talks about his interest with information she searched beforehand. TMH says to SK "I heard you would meet with Jang president more frequently. This is next place you would meet with him. You can get sponsor from him. I wanna know how you got sponsor from ARTEMIS president. Well...what did you do with him?" SK gets angry of him and sprinkles water on him, cuz TMH thought SK wants to get sponsor as designer by treating the rich in bad ways. She comes out from party, gettin dissappointed. She meets SJ and says "I feel thankful of president but it's not good for me. Ppl misunderstand about it. TMH asked me if I get sponsor from ARTEMIS president." SJ gets shocked and asks "Did TMH sprinkle soy souce on you?" SK walks away, saying "It's kind of trace which goes well with me." SK is crying, then gets call from YJ. "How's the situation going?", she asks. SK says "You're great..I think now I know how much u've done hard to reach there. Sorry for igonoring you. TMH asked me if I get sponsor from the rich. So I just came out from the party." YJ says "What? You don't understand me at all? What did I say to u?" SK asks "If you're going to black, be black totally..?" YJ says "That's right. You remember. You already lost best rabbit and the only thing you can do is to find new rabbit." In the meanwhile, TMH apologizes to Jang president who tries to spronsor SK. "I'm so sorry. I will find another lady which you will prefer." As taking a bow, SJ sprinkles soy sauce all over him and hits him.
@njkim ah! OIC anyway when I see they help together just feel how cute they are! Pity! :) --- finished EP4 SJ daebak! ? /0\
@zuyuthailand hmm..no it's not that. You know SK and YJ, their relationship was not good since they were in highschool. YJ helps SK cuz SK threatend YJ. SK said she's going to tell YJ's husband that she married with him because of money. So YJ came to help her.
@sapphire 148 @nylamrehs @zuyuthailand haha hope u enjoy ;)
gomawo chingu ^^
wonder that is YJ be a good friend and sincere to SK?
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