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Hello everyone!!!!!!
I'm sure by now most of you have seen one of my Happy Birthday posts here on Vingle.
Well, I just wanted to give everyone who hasn't already submitted their birthdays an opportunity to do so. Of course this isn't necessary, but if you would like to receive a Vingle Birthday e-card, you just have to send us the day you were born and who your Asian Pop bias is, in a Private Message to either me (@MattK95) or to my secretary XD (@jiggzy19) Then she (jiggzy19) will write it down in her special Birthday Journal and on the Vingle K-Pop Community Birthday Calendar (Yes there is an actual calendar XD)
It is not necessary to include your age, just the day and month of your birth, you can include your first name if you wish ^^
Credit to the owners of the following gifs :)
you two are far too good to us (‘∀’●)♡
this is the most sweetest idea I've seen
@PassTheSuga thanks ^^
@PassTheSuga haha lol thank you <3