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So @KpopJunkiesTV posted a card asking for the names of some rappers to check out... well I thought about making a list of names... but then I thought this would be way better^^ And so ReeCee this is for you :D (I'll post part two once you've seen this one ^^) @poojas ^^ this is for you too :) about half way through making this I decided to make it a special series for @KpopJunkiesTV and anyone else interested :D I'd just like to start by saying that if anyone has anyone they would like me to feature on this list, just tell me in the comments, you can also give @KpopJunkiesTV your suggestions of Korean rappers to get into, by commenting on this card of hers >>here And then if you haven't yet you should check out her awesome videos and subscribe to her YouTube channel >>here (Little bit of shameless free advertising ;P) Okay so here we go (this is in no particular order)

1. Outsider

What better way to start a Korean Hip Hop artist list than Korea's fastest rapper. This guys rapping and flow is seriously daebak. At 21 syllables a second it also makes him one of the fastest rappers in the world. his music is definitely not to everyone's taste, but i really like most of it ^^ (@danidee have you managed to understand every word yet? XD)

Outsider - Loner

Outsider - Octagon (Feat. 2Tak, Tymee, Bewhy, and Kuan)

2. Tymee

(formally known as E.via and Napper) We've already had Korea's fastest male rapper, well now it's time for Korea's fastest female rapper. Another artist where even if you don't like her music, you do have to appreciate how good she actually is ^^

Tymee - On the River

Bonus: Check her out here on Unpretty Rapstar, shutting down Jace... don't get me wrong I love Jace as a rapper, but she can't compete on Tymee's level

E.via (Tymee) - Crazy Fate (Feat. ISU of M.C the Max)

just so you can see how fast she actually is ^^

3. Taewoon

(Zico's older brother) Former leader of the group SPEED I only recently found out how incredible this guy actually is, I can't wait for his upcoming participation in SMTM4 (Show Me The Money 4) I did a profile on him recently so if you want to check him out you can >>here (it also includes a link to download his awesome mixtape^^)

!!!Warning some explicit language!!! Taewoon - I've Got A Wing

!!!Warning some explicit language!!! Taewoon - Focus

4. Gilme

Not one of the most well known rappers in Korea, she is however, very talented, she raps and sings... and she's pretty ^^

Gilme - Success (Don't Kill My Vibe)


Clover - A Guy who I Know

from her collaberation group clover, its kind of a crazy MV but I love the song the two guys in the group with her are GL and Typhoon

Gilme -Love Is War (Feat. Outsider)

little bit old, but I still like it XD

5. M.C Mong

This guy has been around for a while, I only discovered him recently but I totally love his rapping ^^ some of his music is leaning slightly more towards pop, but he's still a rapper so I'll include him anyway :D

M.C Mong - E.R (Feat. the Channels)

This is a cover of DMNT's song of the same name Bonus:

M.C Mong - Indian Boy (Feat. A very young B.I from Ikon)

As much as the weirdness of this MV made me laugh, I actually loved the song. (@jiggzy19 this is B.I from back in 2009, he's so little XD)

M.C Mong - Miss Me or Diss Me? (Feat. Jinsil)


M.C Mong - Be Strong (Feat. Ailee)

(Knowing how big a fan of Ailee @KpopJunkiesTV is, I couldn't not add this one ^^)
Well I hope you enjoyed this list, I'll have another five rappers for you very soon:)

Let me know what you think in the comments

Full credit to all the owners of these photos and videos. (I DO NOT own any of these) ^^ If you would like to be notified every time a new one of these comes out let me know and I will tag you... or you can just follow the collection ^^
Aigoo! B.I is so little lol XD I actually really loved the song too haha :) Oh yeah~ love me some Taewoon! ^^ WHAT?!?! 21 syllables a second!! That's amazing! Ok let me be honest and say that the whole Tymee shutting down Jace thing was hilarious lol Jace didn't stand a chance! XD still like Jace as a rapper though~
@danidee yeah I know of Twista, I can't say I listen to his music, because I almost never do, but yeah that song with Outsider is called Star Warz I believe, it's on Outsiders new album which I will be buying the hard copy of as soon as humanly possible ^^
Do you know who the American rapper Twista is? He recorded a song with Outsider not too long ago. He has the world record for fastest raps!
It's Okay @danidee neither can I XD And I'm so glad you like that song as well, its pretty awesome, I'm actually also pretty glad you know who Gilme is :D
I still can't tell what Outsider's saying. :'( BUT I'm so glad you posted his duet with Gilme. That's one of my all-time favorites. It's so dramatic.
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