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SK fails to be friend with TMH and she gotta find new rabbit who can introduce her to the rich guy. In the meanwhile, SJ gets angry of TMH so revenges against him. *Guys~Today CDD Alice airs on 10:15! ;) SJ pours soy soyce on TMH's face and he gets embarrassed. And SK thinks she has to have good relationship with TMH. She goes to his office. "I need to get ur apologize." But he says "When u entered to the party, u waited for 10 secs like u have someone waiting for u. And u already knew all ppl's profile and continually cared me. Why..? SK, now I got it! I'm so sorry. I think I minunderstood sth. You wanna be marry with CDD guy, right? But..now what can u do? I know why u want me.." SK asks "What can u see in my eyes?" TMH says "desire." SK says "Can't u see anger or desperation?" SK goes out and TMH thinks SK is similiar with someone a few yrs ago. SK walks to home and her heels are broken. SJ sees it and comes to her. SK asks "Did you find me?" SJ says "Hey, this is really secret..but I really don't like my president. Why he orders a weird thing to secretary? Follow me!" He leads SK to his shop. "President watned to hire you as his personal designer. He knew what happened to u today and he still wants to help you." But SK says "Well..if president knew what happened to me, it would also harm his honor..I think it's better not to take the offer." But SJ encourages her to take it, "This is also opportunity. Why you don't accept it? Do it, ok?" Next day, SK talks with SJ how she has to work. "President would have party in ARTEMIS for the first time in Korea. And you would style him for the party." SK says "What's concept of the party? I want all info related with it. When can I meet the president?" SJ says "You can't. He extremely hate to meet ppl. That's why he needs me. I will teel u everything about him, so asks me when u have questions." SK talks with her friend if she can find info about the president. But she can't find at all on the internet. And SJ talks with workers about the party. "Give me all info about it.", he orders. SJ talks with his friend. "I hired SK as my personal designer. Actually..I wanna know about myself. I thought my heart was closed but it seems it's opened a little bit.." SK is reading YJ's diary and worrys that she can't meet with the president. In the meanwhile, TMH reports to Cha Ill Nam president about SJ and SK. TMH asks "Why you try to find out about them? It seems like you know well about him.." LM says "I wanna make him give in.." *Actually Cha Ill Nam president is SJ's father, but TMH doesn't know it. TMH thinks what's the relation between LM and SJ. He orders his worker to prepare paper of LM's family relations. SJ is talking to SK what kind of clothe she has to prepare. SK says "Can't I just calculate president's measurements?" But SJ says "You can't..! He's weird..! I told u he really hate to meet ppl! I will calculate his measurements instead of u." YJ's mother-in-law says "I'm thinking about In Hwa's marrying. Take this painting to TMH and I want you to progress her marrying." YJ feels happy about it. On her way going home, she meets SK. "I heard someone poured soy sauce on TMH. Anyways, I've done all the things for you. Well..I'm ur friend so I will give u one more tip. If u don't stop here, you would have three risks from now on." SK asks "I want to ask u how u caught ur rabbit." ...Six yrs ago..SK talks with SJ's father. "I have two propose. First I want to graduate university here. Second I want u to introduce me to the rich's society."..... YJ says "At first time, I searched all info about the rich. And then I came to work for a lady. Then I knew she has a son. The guy is my husband. Btw, it seems like u found ur rabbit." SK says "Yes, I think so..but I can't see him. First he is the rich absolutely. Second he likes me. I can see only his secretary." YJ says "Then, first. Make the secretary as ur person. Second, if a person hates to meet ppl, he's emotional or has kind of heartahe. Keep this in ur mind." Next day, SJ says "I'm hungry now. You wanna have lunch with me?" SK says "Ok. I will treat u today." On way to restaurant, SK says "This is 100 questions about president. I want you to answer this instead of him. And..would u take pic of his dress room? I need to know what kind of clothe he has." In the meanwhile, YJ meets TMH. "My mother in law expects a lot about this marriage. Btw who's the guy who gonna marry with my husband's sister?" He says "He's president of ARTEMIS." YJ gets surprised so much and drops her cups. And In Hwa visits TMH. "I will tell u directly, but I want you to take ur hands off from my marrying with the president of ARTEMIS. I need a guy who works in distribution industry. And I want to keep this secret with u. Tell my mother that ARTEMIS president refused marriage with me." TMH says "How about LN's son? And how about his son is president of ARTEMIS?" In Hwa asks "If u can be sure about it 75 percents, then tell me." At that night, SK and SJ tries to enter somewhere secretly. This is my workshop I've used since university. I'm making dolls which expresses feelings. I want you to take this to president and tell me about his daily feeling. SJ drinks a water, waiting for SK. But he drinks a benzine by mistake. SK takes SJ to the hospital but can't tell his personal info cuz she doesn't know even his real name. While he's sleeping, someone sends a msg to him. SK sees it. It's from TMH, 'Hi. I'm TMH who got soy sauce. Well...I wanna visit president in person and apologize him.' While she's seeing it, SJ wakes up. At the moment he wakes up, SJ sees his friend's coming. He gets embarrassed cuz he's worried if SK notices he's president not secretary. He acts like he's secretary in front of ppl. Going out from the hospital, they heads to SK's workshop to bring the dolls. SK says "Secretary Kim, what's ur name? I realized that I even don't know ur name. What's ur name..?" SJ says "My name is Seung Jo. Kim Seung Jo." Before they say goobye, SK asks "Wait a minute..! At the day..no..nth. Secretary Kim, thank you. I just feel thankful about everything.."
@zuythailand yeah>< Isn't he so funny?x)
Eeewwww!! thank you very much, how cute of SJ, I can't image that when SK know the truth that Kim secretary is the same person with president.. how angry is she? Wahhhhhh .. thanks for recap @njkim Hwaiting!