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VIXX- Error I know doesn't sound like much of a workout song. But I like to dance when I workout sp this song is perfect. The beat, the melody great song to dance to. Also they are playing Kcon 2015 in NYC!! ;)
BTS- Boyz With Fun It just gets me hype and ready to workout.
C-Clown- Justice The hypeness is real. This song definitely gets me motivated. :)
EXO- El Dorado Another great song for my dance workout.
Super Junior- Lets Dance Song title explains it all I hope lol. :)
2NE1- Don't Stop The Music Love this song!! How could it not be on this playlist <3
BIGBANG- Ego Running to this song is pretty freaking amazing or dancing :)
Girls Generation- Mr Mr Definitely lifting some weights feeling sexy listening to this song lol!! :) They are also playing Kcon 2015 in NYC!! :)
Winner- I'm Him Yep definitely a workout song for me :)
Well that's my playlist guys, sorry I took so long. Work is taking over my life. Hope you enjoyed my list of workout songs :D @MattK95
Awesome^^ I use don't stop the music when I workout too !!!
Such a good list! And you dont even know how much my sisters and I FLIPPED OUT when we saw VIXX was coming to KCON NY. I'm not even exaggerating, I was crying. xD
good song choices :))
Oh yeah~ I'm Him is really an awesome workout song! Boyz With Fun is on my playlist too and for a very good reason ^^ Love this <3 list!!!
Awesome list ^^ Love them all
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