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[Full Ep] Cheongdam-dong Alice Ep 5 + Eng Subs
Episode 5 is up! For those of you who are in North America and Latin America, you can watch the episode directly, but if you can't watch this video, just try to install hotspotshield in your computer and after you are connected, enjoy watching! For other episodes, go to my collection: http://www.vingle.net/collections/121104
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me too! counting down...3 more days..oh no is it 4? :((
5 years ago·Reply
When Episode 5 realease?
5 years ago·Reply
@chlorobi hey it will be released in korea this sunday! :)
5 years ago·Reply
@chlorobi Episode 5 is here!!!! :D
5 years ago·Reply
huhuhu... There's no viki in our region. :(Thanks anyways!
5 years ago·Reply