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Lee Min Ho's Cosmo China Interview

Lee Min Ho recently appeared in Cosmopolitan China’s April Issue. Not only did he take some exclusive photos for the magazine, he even had an intimate interview. Cosmo: You appeared in a Chinese talk show not long ago. Did you know that you are so popular in China? Were you nervous filming the show? Min Ho: When I came to film the show, I could’t believe that there were so many fans waiting for me at the airport. I was shocked. It was totally out of my imagination. That was a wonderful experience. I am also thankful that I have so many fans in China. I have never appeared on a talk show before. So I was worried about carrying on conversation. Luckily, I had my fans there to help. I have more courage and confidence now because of their love and support. Cosmo: There are always new actors emerge in Korea every year. To be at the top now in such a competitive environment, what are your advantages? Many people think that you became famous overnight. Do you have any comments about this? Min Ho: I think people like me because of my work. I am happy to have such popularity. What makes me even happier is that fans find attachment with the roles I’ve played in Korean dramas. For an actor, there is nothing luckier than finding a good script. Cosmo: You were very skinny when you were a kid. Now you are a heartthrob. Is it convenient to be good looking? Were there always girls around you when you grew up? Min Ho: I wasn’t very healthy as a kid. I looked skinny and weak. My parents took me to Taekwondo classes and I fell in love with sports since. I also enjoyed a lot playing soccer with my friends. Gradually I got stronger and stronger. I didn’t really feel any advantage being good looking. I am a very naive person. When my friends compliment about my look and height, I usually just laugh and ask them whether they really mean it. I was a very easy going and careless kid. I love spending time with my friends no matter whether they are males or females. Instead of spending time with females, I’d rather to be with my friends. Cosmo: Even though you’ve gained great popularity after Boys over Flowers, you have endured a lot of pains and hard work before that, which many people are not aware of. Would you like to share some stories with us? Min Ho: I was in several movies and dramas when I was in high school. Because of these experience, it makes me want to work harder and cherish more the opportunities I have now. I remember one time I was waiting while the leading actor and supporting actor were filming. My character didn’t even have a line. I waited for such a long time that I went to ask the crew and they told me the shooting was over. That was such an unnecessary role. But because of that waiting period, I learned a lot from other people and discovered more about myself. credit: leeminho world
That is what he impresses me. He is rare one.
Love MinHo's answers. He's such a humble guy :)
its obvious our MIN HO is not an over night super star... he's on top because he gives his best and loves his fans as much as we love him... handsome my Oppa.. if i see you, i always smile...because i am your fans Lee Min Ho oppa... love you...
i especially love the last part in which it reveals how hard working he is because im a crazy fan of him not only because of his amazing looks but also because of his awesome talent and hard working <3 <3 <3
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Well this list broke my heart
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