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Lee Min Ho Answers 40 Questions

Q1. Where’s your hometown? - Seoul, Heukseok-dong Q2. Dream? (NOTE: Korea has a myth where a certain type of dream will tell you if you are going to have a son or a daughter) - A dream about a red pepper was hanging on the bushel Q3. Family members? - Parents and one older sister Q4. Schools you’ve attended? - Namsung Elementary – Banpo Middle School – Danggok High School- Gunguk University (Studying Film Arts) Q5. What was your nickname back when you were in school? - In elementary, my nickname was “Black” (My skin tone was dark). In middle school, my nickname was “Skeleton” (I was skinny). In high school, my nickname was “Devil” (I was a big mischief) Q6. What was your popularity like in school? - My schools were all boy, girl schools, but I didn’t have much popularity. Q7. How were your grades? - Honestly, they weren’t that great. Q8. What was your highest rank in school? - I was placed 16th in my own class. Q9. What was your childhood dream? - Soccer player Q10. What’s your favorite food? - Anything with meat. I enjoy eating meat. Q11. What’s your favorite fashion style? - I like clothes that fit me. My legs and arms are long so ready made clothes don’t fit me. Q12. What’s your favorite type of music? - Pop ballad Q13. Who’s your favorite singer(s)? - Lee Seung Chul, Im Jae Bum Q14. What’s your favorite movie genre? - Reverse thriller Q15. Who’s your favorite actor(s)? - Leonardo DiCaprio, Sul Kyung Gyu, Kim Su Ro seniors Q16. What’s your favorite tv show? - I enjoy all tv shows. Q17. Who’s your favorite comedian(s)? - I enjoy watching comedy programs so I like all of them. Q18. What’s your favorite sport? - I like soccer, but I enjoy all sports. Q19. What’s your favorite hobby? - Sports is my hobby, sports is my specialty, I’m a sports maniac! Q20. Why did you want to become an actor? - When I was in high school, we had to decide on what we wanted to do in the future, so I’ve decided to do acting. Q21. How did you prepare for your debut? - When I was in high school, I was introduced to the current sponsor by an acquaintance. After that, I took acting lessons from teacher Lee Jae Yong, and then started auditioning. Q22. We heard that you knew Jung Il Woo before debut. What was your first impression of him? - His appearance was girly? ㅋ Q23. What’s your personality? - Bright and optimistic Q24. Out of all the characters you’ve played, which character fits you the best? - Gu Jun Pyo from “Boys Over Flowers” Q25. What’s the best thing about being tall? - I’ve always been tall ever since I was young. But the best thing about being tall is that you can see among people, and even if I wear big clothes, it doesn’t look so big on me. Q26. When was your first love, and with who? - I was 20 years old and met a normal college student. Q27. Have you gotten any plastic surgery? - Never. 100% natural beauty(?) Q28. What’s your complex? - I don’t specifically have one. Q29. When have you cried the most? - When I was 20 years old during the summer, I went on a vacation with Jung Il Woo and some friends. While on our way, we got into a car accident. Because of the accident, I wasn’t able to work for a year. Q30. What was your most fearful moment? - When I got into the car accident and was taken by the ambulance. Q31. What’s your sleeping habit? - I sleep talk a lot. Q32. If you had to rank between Love, Friendship, and Work, what would be the order? (Least important to most important) - Work -> Friendship -> Love Q33. What’s your bloodtype? - Bloodtype A Q34. What’s your horoscope? - Cancer Q35. What’s your religion? - I don’t have one for myself, but my parents are Buddhist. Q36. When “Boys Over Flowers” end, what do you want to do? - I want to go on a vacation. Q37. Who’s your ideal type of woman? - I want a short woman with white skin like Song Hye Gyo. Q38. What’s your favorite motto? - Give it your best in whatever you do. Q39. When do you feel like you’re popular? - I’m starting to feel it bit by bit. It feels great. Q40. Any words to your fans? - Thank you everyone for giving me your love, and I hope that love will not fade away… And I want to wish everyone happiness. Translation Credit: Leeminho world
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my liiiiiiiiiiiiiiife lee min ho
My heart, my life,my love lee min ho
wow not only is he good looking and all sexy but he has to be humble too...loving him more and more!!!!!
much love
i really admire him
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Well this list broke my heart
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