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SEVENTEEN is a 13 member group from Pledis Entertainment. SEVENTEEN has been a project in the works for 3 years and were part of a reality TV show called "Seventeen Project" that showed their training up until their debut! The video below is a compilation of all the individual teasers of each member!


If you were like me, after watching those teasers I thought the song the background was super catchy. Above is the live performance of 'Shining Diamonds'. :)


Soooo.... I think I'm offically hooked. The first time I watched the individual member's teasers, I was fangirling already. Like this:
I understand your excitment IU. I really do. (*¯︶¯*) They definitely have potential in my eyes. And for being so young! Okay okay, although I'm around the same age as a majority of them, they are still REALLY impressive. The WHOLE ALBUM is SO GOOD. I'm definitely a fan. (´• ω •`) How do you guys feel about them? Credit to all the owners of these videos!
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@poojas They are!
@StephanieDuong, yeah that does make sense
@chandnip804 They're called 17 because they were originally supposed to have 17 members and age average was supposed to be 17. However, in the process of training and being trainees, some may be cut from making it into the team fully, some may have taken another pathway to pursue another dream, or family issues. They could've had 17 members if all trainees were able to stay. The other 4 who aren't in the group 17 who could've been is Do Doyoon, Kim Samuel(who is now in 1Punch), Dongjin(I don't remember his surname), and Mingming(I also don't remember his surname). However, now Pledis gives a reason to which it is 13 members, 3 sub-groups(hip-hop, vocal, performance), and 1 whole group. Hence 13+3+1=17, and their name 17. I hope this helps.
@Kathyhongle, thank you! I appreciate the time you took to answer my question. :)
You're welcome, @chandnip804!