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I love you, in lower case letters they say that love that isn't loud is often a love that is better. I am I better prepared to love You now, more than I was before because before I didn't see the tears that stood in the door ways of your eyes as they wondered would I return. I am here now and I hear how your heart beat fluctuates. You have been through so much pain while I made you wait and you wage war against whether you should love me or if I should be the man that you hate. I stand guilty for leaving the woman I love a thousand times and the pain of this truth is just too much to take. So take my heart that belonged to you from the start since the first time i met you in the park I knew you where the one for me and the pain you've seen over these million years has been the same pain I've felt in me. So I breathe as I tell you I love you and I write love letters to tell you I can love you better now so much more than I could before. Before I met you a third time my lifelines were fading and the game I had been playing was taking it's toll so I ask you if you can love a man that completely loves you although this man isn't completely whole. I have waged a war against my heart on a battle field of roses posing as a victor although all along not loving you is what tore me apart. I still have a photo you gave me when you where dressed as Cinderella, am I too late to be your Prince? At the end of a love that was truly my love is where this fairies tale starts. Ahmad Black
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This is really sweet, I love the rhythm of it, and I love all the questioning, and the clear growth that the speaker has gone through to become a better love for this girl