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I normally would have done a video reaction for this, but I saw it in my YouTube subscriptions and was halfway through watching it before I even considered making a video for it LOL. But I just needed to talk about it. BTS has been one of my favorite groups for a while, and it's so exciting to see that they're doing another BTS Festa to celebrate another year! These next 10 days or so are going to be great~~
First off V's voice????????? It's so deep??? I mean I knew it was and I've heard him sing solo songs before, but I'm a huge sucker for a good baritone voice and it's always nice to hear him really sing. I mean they always have him doing the really weird vocals in their songs, like in the hook in "Boy in Luv". To me it was more like artistic screaming than singing. He does the same thing in "흥탄소년단 (Boyz with Fun)" on the new album, too. Sometimes you can hear him singing in the background, but it's so rare that you can hear him actually use his vocal talent and boy is it a treat when you do. Like wow. Boy can sing.
AND J-HOPE'S RAPPING. It's good! Honestly though I thought it didn't really fit into the song since he tends to get a little raspy when he raps, but compared to the other rappers in the group I think it was the best choice other than not having a rap part completely. Both Rap Monster and Suga tend to get passionate and yell a lot, and this song was too soft for that. J-Hope is much smoother, like in "이사 (Moving On)" (holy shit his rap is my favorite part of that song). It could be a way of showing off the more underrated members. V isn't showcased as much with his singing and the same is with J-Hope with his rapping.
Technical things aside, they both looked so good in the video. They're hot. Smoking hot. Damn. Overall I loved the video and I'm dying for more. LET JIN SING! His cover of "Mom" was so good! Let him sing!
Okay I'm done screaming. Thank you for reading~~
(I'm actually a horrible writer, so I apologize for the bad style and any grammar errors ^_^)
V's voice is so soothing, and j-hope was amazing.
V's cover of Adele's "Someone Like You" is one of my favourite things ever XD his voice is so incredible, I love it when he gets to sing properly, and J-Hope was awesome too... Btw @snowinseoul your writing was fine, no need to apologise!
Oh and Jhope's rap was good ! I'm glad they used him rather than Rap Mon or Suga :) YES Jin's cover of Mom is DAEBAK!!!! *\(^o^)/* Jin needs more singing parts! Lol artistic screaming?!?! Hahahaha XD
Oh I wasn't mentally or physically ready to watch this! I can't get enough of Taehyungs voice like damn his voice is so good!