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Countdown to Release of BIGBANG Made Series "A"
Soooooooo YG caught a few of us with an inability to fully comprehend what we read. Tomorrow is D-Day lol.....6.01 @ midnight which is technically 6.02.....haha I'm a large dumb animal and it was a rather long weekend so it took me 10 mins of refreshing before I came to my senses and reread this poster.
Anyway.....don't any of you say a word about the king of my heart's Marge Simpson style hat......lol I try not to question some style choices. Just gotta roll with it because let's face it.....T.O.P can rock anything and still get the fangirls squealing.....namely this fangirl (゚∀゚)☞@PassTheSuga From these teaser posters.....wild summer beach party and Mad Max meets the Mafia pop into my head....idk my mind takes me strange places tho. I just know I'm hella pumped for this. The boys have said these are their favorite tracks and with Teddy and Kush producing I don't think we'll be disappointed. At least I won't ȏ.̮ȏ They'll also be broadcasting live on Naver Starcast at 11 pm KST. http://m.star.naver.com/staronair/special/1055/end?langCode=en&lfrom=twitter So dear children, roughly 15 hours longer.....
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