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outlaw aftermath

first race of San Diego's second race went off with one of the groms from the shop taking 1st on a narrow, chunderous track. i had a hard time pushing to speed at the start but i was happy to get some riding time in after returning to skating. i placed 7th
1. full speed full tuck hualing after dipping into a right hidden drop 2. jared roy of clutch longboards, phat deanz wheels and the things that kept him stable don't trip trucks
Maybe I'm not sure if someone is going to do an edit
any footy? sounds gnarly!
Yeah this was a weak race opener. alot of other riders are away filming or taking it easy for Maryhill f.o.s. in two weeks. 4 groms(<17) 5 open and 1 master(>40) cramped on to a not too wide bike route.
I really wish there was a bigger scene here. Closest I got to going to an event was SEEING maryhill. I wasn't able to skate it, sadly. Didn't have my DH setup.
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