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Fashion isn't always about pretty patterns and color. What you wear and how you wear it could easy make or break your entire look. This requires one basic life skill - math. Proportion is just as important as style!
Take a look at mathematician Lily Serna's formula for finding the perfect dress length (view below if picture above is too small).

Step 1: Find your Golden Number

- Measure the length of your body from your shoulders to your toes (including heels) = A
- Divide A by the Golden Ratio (1.618) = Your Golden Number

Step 2: Find your perfect dress length

Measure fro your shoulder tip down to your Golden Number.

Found your length? Try these styles!

Above-the-knee Dress: Xscape One-Shoulder Jeweled Dress
Above-the-knee for me!
Above the knee and maxi 😁
Roughly 89 cm ^^ I'm about 145 cm