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Would you track your dating and other life achievement on social media to up your rank and look cooler? Wait, isn't that what a lot of people already use Facebook and Instagram for--to make sure they look as cool as they want to be online?
What would happen if our dating and relationships were more influenced by our rank achieved on social media? Watch and find out ;)
This video isn't very far of from the truth: people often care more about what others see and what can be "confirmed" than just knowing, for themselves only, that it happened.
Is our dating and our other relationships being too affected by the social media game that everyone is playing? I have to say I think so...
@galinda Exactly! The only time I want to worry about points is when it's going to get me a free flight or something, lol
This is where social media really freaks me out. Like when I hear about people buying followers or using codes to get more points - why does it matter? Those numbers mean nothing in the grand scheme of things!
I would have left that girl at the table!!! Sorry, but she was way too caught up in the points of it all, totally not there to see him.
It's sad how basically true this is, though I think that if anyone asked me to "confirm our date" especially if it was a bad date, I'd be furious!!!