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Ok, so I really want to learn how to take shots that look like the cosplayers are in the middle of a big action! I don't mean that I will be the one photographing them, but I just want to know how they're usually staged so that I can help make them happen. I'm working on some cosplays that have props, so I think it's really important.
Any suggestions?
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I think a lot depends on the kind of camera you use. Something that can take a lot of high resolution photos rapidly should give you a lot of options if you want to take photos of a moving cosplayer. Most of these seem like they were captured mid-move instead of standing still or 'staged'.
Well, some of them like the shield one--there's probably someone holding the shield there, and the cosplayer is just posing. Really, it depends on how much you actually need to move to look convincing. If you really need to jump, then @shannon15 is right and you'd need high speeds to capture it clearly. If you can just fake it, you simply need good acting skills.
The 2nd and 3rd one seem like they're just standing, pretending to be mid action!! Practice in a mirror if you're gonna be the one posing :)
HOW did that black widow jump so perfectly