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One Trick to Cake-Free Makeup
Besides walking down the aisle the wedding day is all about taking pictures. You'll probably have two wedding photographers and a few friends snapping every move you make that day. The problem with summer wedding the heat can create a shiny t-zone and give an illusion of cakey makeup (especially if you layered on multiple foundations).
To avoid looking like a hot mess keep your face matte with one trick.
After applying foundation, gently roll a tissue on your face.
This will help remove excess foundation. Finally seal in your makeup with a setting powder.
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Didn't think about this. Going to try it just to see how well it works for me as a general use. Not only for weddings ^^
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Urban Decay makes a great setting spray too if you're not wanting to use powders!
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@danidee that's so true. I almost forgot about that.
2 years ago·Reply
Oh nice trick! I will definitely try that.
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