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Want to try some really, really old cheese? They do say things like wine and cheese get better with age, but I'm still not too share on the cheese front.
Wisconsin cheesemaker Hook's Cheese Co. debuted their 20 year old cheese this past Friday, and it's not cheap. More precisely, its $209 a pound. How insane is that. So would it cost me $30 bucks just to get a tiny piece to sample the taste? A pound of cheddar isn't very much cheese after all.
Most of the 450-pound supply was taken up from pre-orders, but there are about 20 pounds left sold out quickly at the store when the cheese made its debut.
Why so expensive? Because they had to look after such a large amount of cheese for so long, when they could have sold it as a 10 or 12 year aged cheese. And there's a lot of risk involved in that--something could have gone wrong and the whole batch would have been lost.
Believe or not that's not the oldest cheese in Wisconsin history, though: In 2012, the owner of a cheese shop in Oconto, Wisconsin discovered a 40-year-old block of cheddar cheese in his walk-in cooler, along with 28 and 35 year old blocks. They tasted like they had "character."
As much as I like aged cheddar, I'm not sure I like it that aged.
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Cheese <3
@drwhat my family is from Wisconsin, so I grew up around really good cheese! Always a fan.
Well, I definitely couldn’t afford this, but have you ever had a really good aged cheddar? It’s the stuff of dreams.
I love cheese, but seriously?! And I'm with @danidee...maybe I shouldn't have thrown out that neast green feta...
So what you're saying is to keep that brick of moldy cheese in my fridge for a few extra years and I'll be able to pay off my student loans, right? ;)
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