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Well, the Patriot Act has officially expired on June 1st, 2015.
Senator Rand Paul led the movement to keep the senate in gridlock, preventing them from passing any extensions on the act, and they went to recess without making any movement on an extension. You can see the full 12 hour video here, if you're really interested. The transcript is also available if you prefer to search through it quickly.
Unfortunately, the expiration is thought to be temporary at best and we "won" because politicos couldn't agree on how much of an extension they should make. Check the NPR link above: you'll see that it's not that either side really wants to get rid of the Act, they just can't agree on how to keep it.
The provisions that have expired are re-authorized, in slightly amended form, in the USA Freedom Act. There are still some clauses that need to be worked out, and the Freedom Act gives most of the powers back to the NSA in a different form, but for now they aren't supposed to be collecting phone data anymore.
What do you anything different? Is the Fourth Amendment really coming back to us?
@drwhat I know you've got something to say about this one.
@nehapatel Very true. But it's got to start!
@drwhat It would take a lot more debate, and a lot more time for real change.
I'm pretty sure absolutely nothing is going to change either @nehapatel
Seems to me that nothing will really change, only on paper. Will they really ask for permission for what they've been doing for decades? Probably not. Is it so bad for us? I'm not sure.