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No more complaining when I step foot on the treadmill after seeing this!!!
Harriette here is 92 years old, and she just completed a marathon AKA 26.2 miles at the San Diego Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon on Saturday, which means that she is the oldest woman to even complete one! It took her 7 hours, 24 minutes and 36 seconds, and her son ran along with her to give her snacks and water as she needed it.
If that doesn't inspire you that you can do anything, I don't know what will!
She is a three time cancer survivor who has watched many, many people she loves succumb to the disease, so she runs marathons every year to raise money for cancer research. Her fundraising efforts have generated more than $100,000!!

You go Harriette!!!!

Time for me to start training :)
@TriSportWorld I actually just signed up for my first 10k ever! So excited :)
No more excuses. Everyone get out there even if it's a 5K!!!
@TriSportWorld *runs to the computer to find the nearest marathon*
@stargaze Let's do it!!!! You've already done it so you might be closer than me, but I so want to try to get motivated~
The last time I ran a marathon was three years ago. I'm motivated to run again!