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Characterized by retro teddyboy hats, suspenders and elegantly wasted suiting, Pete Doherty's rock and roll style can be emulated with a few key pieces including black hats, over-sized blazers and starched white shirts. He is a rock icon, controversially presented in the media as a monster posing as a house pet. His poetry, solo work and songwriting cement him as one of the greats despite any backlash.
Doherty designed a line for British brand The Kooples. The line consisted of suiting, T-shirts, suspenders and button downs. The line, very reminiscent of the teddy-boy look encapsulated Pete's spirit. Trinket details and accessories make the look more unique.
Outerwear is also a huge deal for Doherty who is rarely seen without a signature hat like this wide brimmed one. Here he pairs his smart overcoat with a textured button down and pale pink tie, making this mix and match look perfect for daytime or workwear.
Another casual look from his Kooples line. Note the rolled up sleeves and suspenders paired with jeans and a starched button-down. It's slick, but not too polished.
Women can recreate this look easily, with a little bit of variation. This is one of my favorite looks from his women's line. It's polished enough but also casual. I like to emulate Doherty's style with military inspired jackets, loose T's, skinny jeans and boots. For the summer, this shorts look and a smart hat will help you get closer to that Libertine look.
COOL. I might have to invest in one, especially with summer coming up. I'm trying to get better at staying out of the sun.
Pete wears a lot of Trilby hats, which are uncommon for US shops, but ASOS' men's section has a lot of cool hats like that. I recently bought a black straw hat similar to some that Pete wear at Walmart for 7.50. Since it's summer there's lots of hats around, but if you want a more structured velvet one I recommend this:
Where do you think people could find a hat that looks like Pete's?