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New York City, as far as I'm concerned, is one of the greatest places to be a longboarder. I think a big part of the allure behind the sport is the sense of danger involved. No where does that danger feel more real than NYC, where the traffic is notorious and the cabbies are unpredictable. There's a very real sense that you could die out here. That feeling lends itself to camaraderie amongst all members of the push community, from skaters to rollerbladers, and all in between. Danger makes you feel alive, and that vitality is best shared with the group.
I commend you guys for 1. Living in NY 2. Skating in NY There's no way I could do it, half the time I'm hesitant to cross streets in the suburban area I live in. I've been up to NY and it is not my lifestyle. I really wanted to check out Bustin but I was up there on a school trip for my photography class.
That's a big part of what I love about skating in the city. After some time, you just get into a rhythm, an innate sense of how the traffic is flowing, and that way you navigate without much effort at all. You learn the places with the smoothest roads, or the best vistas, and they become personal favorite routes.
That's true. I've spent so much time riding all over the city that now I pretty much know without having to think much about it which streets have the least traffic, paved roads at a given time of the day. Sometimes when people ask me for directions, I give them directions as if they were riding there also. Haha.
Yeah, I agree. That's why I don't say its a fear thing. it's a danger thing. Regardless of how comfortable we get with weaving through traffic or skitching a truck, all of those aspects do have an inherent danger that is alluring.
I live in NYC and ride my longboard through traffic almost every day. I've never really felt the sense of fear. Maybe when I first began. I just casually weave in and out of traffic, occasionally grab onto the back of a truck, zoom pass an intersection with than has a green light because I know I can pass it before the cars. Its part of my daily routine.