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A blog dedicated to thoughts from the post-collegiate world. What happens when we graduate and can we find ourselves without structure?
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The perfect soundtrack to your twenty-something crisis.
Long after the graduation caps have been boxed up in our childhood homes, we’ll have reality to contend with. Sleepless nights that were once carefree and loyal to us will be fueled by “what-ifs” and desperation for the answers. We leave the confines of forced learning and enter our own regime. This is what is known as the afterlife. Parties on lawns and abandoned solo cups are distant memories as the sun fades into post-grad life at the River Park apartments on South Green in Athens, Ohio. On this day I have committed myself to a gym and tan regimen that even Patrick Bateman would be proud of. New York City hangs in the distance like Gatsby’s Green Light and I have no choice but to cross the bay over the Eggs of east and west to grab it by the throat.
For now, a freelance writing gig and a free stay with a dear friend keeps me in Athens. The apartment is a hotel room featuring floor to ceiling windows and stylish yet offensively modern furniture capable of making anyone feel like they’ve gotten their life together. My journey may be in its infancy, but after nearly an entire life of school I’m ready for it. As quickly as a Kanye West song fills your ears with genius and the guilt for acknowledging it, your future will be in front of you. It’s a big city. A foreign country. A new start. It's an apartment in Brooklyn, a job with a view, a brand new beginning. People make excuses all the time for why they don't succeed. Excuses are easy for college kids. We miss class because we're tired, or sick. We miss deadlines because we're partying with friends. We miss parties because we want to be alone. We have no fear of failure because the college safety net will catch us. We create a reality in our heads that shifts things from accomplishing goals to deferring them. In the afterlife that will not work. In fact, it'll destroy you. What it comes down to is hard work. If we stop putting our faith in how many likes we get on social media, then we'd have more time to put success in its place, to establish the steps to create a life, create a legacy. In the afterlife you're not a kid anymore. You're not in college. You don't have that excuse. All you have is yourself, your ambitions and the opportunities you take. And if you're confused, or scared, that's better than being lazy. For those who want to walk the path of a legend, you're not alone. The only problem is...nobody tells you how to get there. Maybe we can figure that out together.
You'll be ready @poojas! It takes time, and we all figure things out at different rates, as you can see I haven't either!
I still have a year left in college. Not sure if I'm ready for the afterlife. Eek!
I love this!