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The Korean From Zero E-book is a great resource for beginners looking to master the basics of hangul, pronunciation, and elementary sentence formation. The simple and straightforward organization of the material and categorization of concepts aid the reader in quickly learning the Korean alphabet and using them in basic sentences. The additional audio resource is a great tool for understanding and practicing pronunciation.
I am currently using this book and find it to be an amazing introductory tool for beginners in the language. And best of all, it's free!
@YumiMiranda I found it here http://www.koreanfromzero.com/ it says download for free and you can actually download it for free w/o ads or any payment
I'll have to give this PDF a closer look. (Annabelle actually spent $20 on a paperback copy! I probably shouldn't tell her it's free now..)
@danidee I really like the workbook format as well ^^
My friend Annabelle bought this one last summer! I haven't used it myself, but I liked how it had more of a workbook format. It's really, really comprehensive too.
Well, aren't you an angel? (; Thanks for sharing!~
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