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Colleges are finally realizing the power of rappers amongst today’s youth and are bringing artists on campus to speak on their learning experiences. Over the past year, we have seen Lil B at NYU, Puff Daddy at Howard University and 9th Wonder at Harvard. Last week, Kanye West returned to his old stomping grounds at Los Angeles Trade Technical College to give a speech on his transition from music into fashion.
Kanye West was electric during the lecture. The Chicago native talked about his experience in the fashion industry, sharing details of being taught by the best teacher before her passing. The famed producer also shared his thoughts on the importance of youth and put emphasis on working hard to achieve your goals. Catch the video recap done by Complex Music on the speech above. Feel free to share your thoughts on the speech below.
Do you know which rapper is probably an awesome lecturer? Talib Kweli.
I love that Kanye gets this crazy fire-y look in his eyes when he gets super passionate about something. I'd love to take a class taught by him some day.