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Some images depicting the violence in Santiago this past Friday, May 29. Protesters marched the streets to speak out against the lack of education reform. Thousands were in the streets, leading to several injuries and arrests.
As many Chilean protests do, though, this particular outbreak also so lots of people demanding the right to demonstrate - protesting for the right to protest, basically. Chilean police are infamous for their total lack of tolerance when it comes to young protesters.
Yes, the protests are stemming from the desire for more expansive free education. Earlier this year Bachalet announced a plan for free education which was one of the first indications that she was actually moving forward with the main goals of her 2013 campaign (which focused on education reform), but thousands of Chileans are unhappy with the results. The requests are aimed primarily at improving access to education for lower class students, who historically have had trouble finding adequate education. @amog32
I've just come back from a trip and am a bit on the outs about the basis of the protests, but its for educational reform? Do you by chance know at what level the requests for reform are aimed? @jeff4122