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Kim Kardashian graced the cover of Glamour today announcing to the world that she is INDEED PREGNANT after swirling rumors of pregnancy troubles. Move over North, Baby two is on its way!
The trouble has been real for Mrs. Kardashian West. Many episodes on hit reality television show E! Keeping Up With The Kardashians has shown multiple accounts of Kim trying every medical method to get one step closer to having a baby. With multiple visits to the doctor, many sexual attempts with Kanye, and alternative methods, good news has finally arrived for the famous couple!
Many tabloids have begun to poke fun at the name of the future child...Many commenting that 'South West' would fit their iconic first child name choice of North West (pictured above) due to the preferences in directions.
It is somewhat peculiar how badly Kim and Kanye have strived to conceive a second child especially after Kim publicly has said how much she has dreaded pregnancy. Maybe her opinion has changed?
I'm going to assume her opinion has shifted thanks to her adorable daughter North. North is the epitome of child life goals one fur coat at a time...
Is baby North ready to have a little sibling? Only time will tell.
I'm so distracted by that dog behind North. That's a fugly pug, yo.
I feel sorry for the pug, to be In a house of crazy people I'm pretty sure he'll need counselling as soon as possible.
@beywatch I like how you think hahaha
South is too on the nose. Too expected.
I was definitely going to suggest South West as a name haha
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