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If you ever want to succeed in life after college aka “the first big kid job” there is one crucial thing you must realize. You are no longer in college.
Gone are the days of dragging yourself to class smelling of last nights bar and still in pajamas. No longer can you drink for 5 days straight. Honestly you'll be lucky if you can handle just Friday nights pregame and staying up till 3 am.
Unfortunately your younger friends will still have that super human ability to drink for days on end and survive on limited sleep. And thats when the FOMO will kick in.
Snap-story after never ending Instagram feed of friends going to Margarita Mondays or Mug Night Thursdays will fill you with a sense of emptiness. You'll start to wonder if not going out that night has turned you into the friend group leper. Soon you will be forced to stare at your phone while inside joke after inside joke is told about “the old man that kept buying drinks” who you'll never meet. Eventually you'll stop getting texts to go out and be completely discarded from the group. Their social media pages will be the only way you experience any part of your previous, fun, “younger” version of you life.
FEAR NOT! This will not actually happen…although the FOMO will. Heres some tips on how to not let FOMO bog you down. 1. Put away the phone. Your whole mood will change if you just focus on what you are doing instead. Watching your guilty pleasure Netflix drama or reading a book just for fun can be just as entertaining to you. 2. Look at your bank account. Seeing the money that you're racking up from your new job will hype you up. Also, saving that money by not spending $13 on jagerbombs will manage to put a content smile on your face. 3. Await the Facetimes in the morning from your friends who will be filling you in on every detail that you've missed. They want you to feel included as much as you do, they understand the FOMO. They also will grow to love your outsider opinions on drunk fights that occurred. 4. Just know that soon enough they too will have jobs that put them in the same, slightly more sober, boat as you. They'll even start to watch Nexflix with you, or at least text you about Netflix from their own beds.
@chandnip804 yeah i totally agree!! Its just getting use to the change thats killing me right now haha. But you're right just because were out of college doesn't mean we have to become boring! @timeturnerjones I'm glad we were on the same page! At least you and your friends have the relaxing nights down pat already. Im defiantly starting to enjoy them a lot more, and I'm a lot less tired lol!
I was totally going to comment "just wait, they'll join you eventually, too!!" My friends and I pretty much fell into the "real life, lay around at home" way of living pretty quickly (I'm still a senior in college, lol) but I felt this for a little while. I realized that it's all in who I want to hang out with, though, and that there's no reason to push for those things that I just wasnt' into doing anymore!!
@LizArnone, it takes a little more effort but a whole world of fun ahead of us.
Ok! This is very true, but you can still have fun and a social life after college. You just got to find people to hang with.