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I’m a huge fan of show tunes, but sometimes I just want to rock. What’s a better combo then the rock musical? It’s fun, upbeat, and it lets me completely jam out.
The rock musical is essentially what it sounds like: a musical with rock/pop music. According to Playbill, it had it’s first debut on broadway in the musical Hair. Since then it’s been big on broadway, producing shows like Rent, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
These shows are experimental, weird, full of energy, and that’s just what I like to listen to. Even if you aren’t a fan of musicals, these albums are amazing to listen to on their own.
Seriously!! @danidee that musical really gave Lea Michele her start too. Mamma Who Bore Me and Totally F*cked are two of my favs songs from that one.
Oh gosh yeah I can’t forget that one either. I love overlapping duets. And Lauren’s rad alto voice. Girl has got soul.
I think mine is probably Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind. Both Lauren and John have such great tonal quality and it's jut SO GOOD.
I saw Spring Awakening on Broadway back when Hunter Parrish was the lead, and I was seriously converted to rock musicals that night. SO GOOD. Even better when you've got John Gallagher Jr. singing the songs. He does the rock musical genre so well.
I’ve never seen Hair, but I listen to the album all the time. I went to Hedwig and the Angry Inch this past weekend and it only made me love rock musicals even more! @caricakes
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