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Time and time again, celebrities seem to be OBSESSED with kissing their cohorts on stage in front of millions of viewers. It has become such a norm in American Award show television that it's a rarity if there isn't at least one scandalous kiss to cross the tabloid headlines. Below shows a few major kisses from the past few months along with the other most notorious make outs to reach the news.
James Cordon and Allison Janney
Tina Fey with Amy Schumer (Amy recently also had a public kiss with Amber Rose)
Madonna and Drake
The kiss that started it all... Madonna and Britney Spears
Will Ferrel and Baron Cohen
Katy Perry kissed a girl and Miley Cyrus liked it.
Most of these make me sort of uncomfortable just because they surely dont seem like they want to be kissing!!!!
The Britney Spears kiss is so iconic though.
The Madonna/Drake kiss will forever be the most awkward kiss of all time.
Most of these are just gross. LOL
Oh god I remember Miley being SO excited and honestly probably more into it than Katy!!