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An arm party essentially means a well-decorated arm weighted with bracelets and bangles in an eyecatching manner. Crafting the perfect arm-party is a balance between just enough and not too much jewelery, and if done right, can be the perfect accent to an otherwise simple outfit.
Above image: Instagram by Leandra Medine, A.K.A. "the Man Repeller".
Mixing metals is no longer taboo.
If you think it's frowned upon to pair gold, rose, bronze, and silver, think again. The rule against mixing metals within your jewelry is about as old as "no white after labor day." No one cares about it, and you don't have to follow it. Mixing metals adds a subtle color dimension to your arm party, and keeps it from looking monotonous.
Choose a centerpiece.
This rule isn't required, but often helps to build your arm party. Start with a larger piece like a watch or handpiece, and then add smaller and daintier pieces around it. If using a thick cuff or chunky bracelet, limit yourself to one or two and then complement it with thinner bracelets.
Don't be afraid to pair high with low.
Arm parties are all about the mix and balance. If your arm is weighed down with diamonds, or even just flashy cubic zirconia, it will look gaudy and over-the top. Remember, arm parties find the line between loud and too loud. Because of this, it's good to mix high and low-end pieces, or even just bracelets that look expensive and fun, inexpensive pieces. Pair your favorite jewels with a classic friendship bracelet, a concert wristband, or a plastic watch. You don't want to look like you're displaying your most expensive pieces altogether!
If you're pairing your arm party with rings on the same hand, tone down the bracelets. Wearing an arm party doesn't mean you have to nix all your other jewelry. In fact, combining bracelets with a few rings and a great manicure adds to the fun! But if you're stacking statement rings, take a few bracelets out of the party, or else it'll be too much (and you might be leaning to one side for the day).
Making your own friendship bracelets is easy if you don't want to buy them.
There are a whole host of tutorials online on how to do this, including here and here.
Do you have any more tips, tricks, or favorite arm party bracelts? Share them below!
This is a much much classier version of those neon jelly bracelets you see at raves hahaha
Hahahaah @kristenadams, that's definitely a way to look at it. I love that last look. I feel like friendship bracelets really play up the bohemian aesthetic of it all.