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I'm starting a new daily series called Lyric of the Day.
You guessed it: each day, I'll be selecting one particular line from a song and post it here, along with a link to the track. Hopefully this will be a source of finding new music, remembering old songs, or, independent of the music, appreciating the amazing, poetic ability that so many songwriters possess.
Today's inaugural edition features Chicago-based heroes and one of my all-time favorite bands, Wilco. A track from their 2004 "A Ghost is Born," it's "Wishful Thinking."
The title draws from a recurring line:
"What would we be without wishful thinking?"
Please note that I can't promise to not recycle bands.... especially when it comes to Wilco and Jeff Tweedy's beautiful mind...
You can never go wrong with Wilco!
YES! The whole Mermaid Avenue series is great.
@shannonl5 I'm pretty confident that that's the episode, yeah.
Wilco always reminds me of that part in "Funny People" when Seth Rogen asks Aubrey Plaza if she 'Wil-co to the Wilco concert' with him.
@shannonl5 I can't remember the episode name or number but it was the one where they threw the big fundraising concert event. They were called Land Ho! in the show though, not Wilco.
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