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I'm starting a new daily series called Lyric of the Day.
You guessed it: each day, I'll be selecting one particular line from a song and post it here, along with a link to the track. Hopefully this will be a source of finding new music, remembering old songs, or, independent of the music, appreciating the amazing, poetic ability that so many songwriters possess.
Today's inaugural edition features Chicago-based heroes and one of my all-time favorite bands, Wilco. A track from their 2004 "A Ghost is Born," it's "Wishful Thinking."
The title draws from a recurring line:
"What would we be without wishful thinking?"
Please note that I can't promise to not recycle bands.... especially when it comes to Wilco and Jeff Tweedy's beautiful mind...
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@shannonl5 I'm pretty confident that that's the episode, yeah.
California Stars by Wilco & Billy Braggs used to be one of my ultimate jams.
YES! The whole Mermaid Avenue series is great.
Totally! I love awesome collab projects like that. I'm trying to think of other examples, but I feel like nothing recent really comes close... although I think I recall Wanda Jackson doing a collaborative with Jack White that was pretty epic.
Will check it out. And will explore other great collabs. Stay tuned....