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The topic of mental health is an issue that has garnered significant interest in the recent past. This has happened as a result of growing research and evidence that shows the prevalence of mental health disorders in individuals. While the stigma on mental health is far from removed, there is a notable movement now focusing on acceptance of disorders and research on the origins and treatments of mental illnesses. There has been a push to perceive mental illness the same way that one would perceive physical illness...as normal, and mostly curable.
While this progress has been important to current psychology research and mental health medicine, a new issue has come to light. I was recently made aware of the lack of acceptance of mental health disorders in children in my child psychopathology class. A big part of this problem occurs as a result of the perceived notion that children can not have mental health problems. However, children and adolescents are just as likely as adults to develop mental health disorders. While it is understandable to think that it's unlikely for a child under ten to develop depression, it is entirely possible, as shown in multiple case studies. It is now a great time to start thinking about mental health from a developmental standpoint, seeing that it can affect anyone, regardless of age.
What are your thoughts on child mental health and it's current awareness?