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Cat videos, cat ladies, and now cat coffee art. It’s safe to say I’m pretty obsessed with both coffee and cats. What’s not to love? It’s cute and drinkable. Check out some of these pawesome cat inspired coffee art.
This very realistic kitty cat latte is basically a portrait of my good friend’s tabby cat. Not only does it make me say “Awwww” but it also gives me the urge to go to the shelter and adopt this adorable guy. Now all this artist need to do is connect with the local shelter, and sell shelter kitty inspired coffee! Amiright?
Grumpy Cat meets latte art. I’ve always been a fan of the meme. This cup of joe little guy would give me so much happiness on my grumpy morning. Ok but really this guy is puuurrrfect. (I really like puns. What's sumatra with me?)
This latte artist seems to have had a lot of fun playing around with the foam. Just like this little kitty seems to be having fun playing with the koi fishes in the pond. It’s the ideal order for when you want to get coffee with your fellow cat-loving friend. Though I’m guessing it’ll be hard to drink your coffee once your order comes.
This cat is just chilling looking all smug in his bed of espresso.
This is probably one of my favorite coffee kitties I’ve seen. He seems to be peeking from the coffee to say, “Good morning sunshine! Time to wake up for a beautiful day ahead.”
@hikaymm at first I thought that picture was from La Douce! I want another one of those :'(((
These are all so cute!! I feel like we need to share the pictures of our adorable Meow Lattes @caricakes. They are really hard to drink because they're so cute, but if you're careful the cats like the 1st and last pics will sort of go down in the cup and not fall apart!!!
Super adorable I bet @maymay75 will love this!
These are adorable! I love the last one!
@shannonl5 Grumpy cat is my fav too. Maybe you can attempt to drink the grumpy cat @paulisaverage? It’s the lesser of the cute coffee. still cute though
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