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Do you ever crave warm bread fresh out of the oven? Or to fill your home with the delectable smell of just-baked baguettes? When I need my carb fix, I always return to King Arthur Flour's fabulously simple four-ingredient bread recipe. There's no need to knead, and the dough stays fresh in the fridge for up to a week, so you can grab a hunk, throw it in the oven, and have hot, fresh bread in 25 minutes. Find the recipe here, and a more detailed blog post containing the recipe and lots of pictures here!
If you bake your very own batch of this delicious no-knead bread, be sure to let me know how it came out! Here's my version, with some flax and sunflower seeds thrown in. :)
'There's no need to knead' I love it!
Hahah thanks @galinda! :D And yes, I have, @danidee! It's awesome. A little raspberry jam or olive oil drizzle and you're good to go! Come to think of it, the flax seed version would make an amazing herbed garlic toast... O.O Must try!
I love flax seeds in my bread! What an excellent idea. Have you tried this as sliced toast before?