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The Panic at the Disco front man is a huge fan of glittering jackets and retro boots. His style evolves with each album declaring him a true chameleon of rock and roll style.
Early on Brendon was a fan of the skinniest jeans and a few statement pieces. Tuxedo coats with tails, tophats and lots of eyeliner. His style simplified and evolved over time. Here's a recreation of the look from "I Write Sins Not Tragedies", one of his most iconic.
"Vices and Virtues" the third Panic! at the Disco album brought themes of steam-punk and lots of accessories including gears and goggles. Most of this stayed on the stage and didn't translate to every-day wear.
This look is the most wearable outside of the stage. His street style is characterized by warn jeans, in a comfortable cut with a bright blazer and a white button down. He usually opts for more warn looking combat boots or converse Chuck Taylors.
As of late Urie's Vegas-centric vibe has become a slick form of personal style. Suede tennis-shoes paired with crisp jeans and a designer jacket is always a good look, rock star or not.
I love the little accents like the bowties and the pocketwatches. Very stylish and VERY Brendon Urie.
I love him so much! I think its so funny to look at how frilly and steam punk PATD looked back in 2005 compared to now
@ArianaVenti have you seen the new video????