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The release of the Playstation exclusive The Last of Us caused a pretty big stir within the gaming community. Many lauded it for its storytelling, exclaiming: "Yes! Video games are art. Here's proof!"
But what if you don't play video games? What if you do play video games but you don't have time? What if you have that one friend that keeps bugging you about this game and how the story is so amazing but you have no way to experience it?
Well, worry no further. Grant Voegtle put together a "Cinematic Playthrough" of one of the most groundbreaking video games -- in terms of narrative, that is -- and released it in segments on YouTube.
Posted above is a trailer for his work and if you're interested you can watch each episode here.
@paulisaverage its like 10 hours of cutscene or something insane I thought I was going to never be able to leave my screen again, haha!! I'm not super familiar with Metal Gear, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who prefers not only to replay games but to just replay their stories only.
@timeturnerjones haha no worries! if you do check out Metal Gear though, just get ready for the MOST convoluted story lines you've ever experienced in your life
@paulisaverage Annnnnd I tagged myself instead of you. My bad?
@timeturnerjones The next time I feel ready to delve into a 10 hour movie, I'll make sure to reach for them then haha. I've listened to them as background music while I work all day as well, definitely helps the hours go by.
@timeturnerjones The Metal Gear Solid games are NOTORIOUS for having the LONGEST cutscenes. Each game is around 10 hours as well, hahaha! I'm pretty sure I fell asleep while I was watching it and when I woke up it was still playing
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