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Leto is a rockstar, movie star and general innovator. Tipified by leather jackets, baggy graphic T's and combat boots. His style is simple, effortless and a mixture of high end jackets by designers like Yves Saint Laurent, and low end DIY T's Leto is a 21st Century rock icon.
Leto takes a lot of fashion risks. Try a trench coat, but add some buttons or military accessories to it. Using this kind of coat as an anchor for a look can be simple and elegant but adds rock and roll edge.
Studs. Are. Everything. Jared never shies away from flashy things either. These studded jeans pair well with colorful Nike shoes. The coat is obviously for warmth, but works because it's a solid color.
When dressing up Leto usually mixes elements of casual and classy. Here he wears dark wash jeans with a slick Hugo Boss suit coat and dress shoes, making this formal look a little more rock and roll.