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Ever wondered what elements make rock-stars more fashionable than most? Find out here!
Jimmy Hendrix is a rock and roll legend. His outfits though basic at the core are embellished with amazing detail and hippie sensibility. Fringe, decals and piping on military inspired garb made his style iconic from the start, and has left people trying to emulate it ever since.
Hendrix's style represents a lost freedom for some. It's a beat generation throwback with his hats and jackets, but they also have a military flare that has been reconstructed and reused by artists like My Chemical Romance and The Libertines.
Adding scarves and buttons to any ensemble will help you encapsulate the spirit of Hendrix. Lots of color and different fabric textures like mixing velvet and denim will also help you get the look.
If you're a fan of Hendrix's style you're probably a free spirit. You typically think for yourself and have a breezy and easy-going vibe. His eclectic use of different fabrics speaks to his fans being interesting and full of different tastes. Check out brands like Free People and Urban Outfitters for more Hendrix-like fare.
Kurt Cobain is synonymous with Grunge. Coming out of Seattle in the early '90's made his fashion choices more for comfort and warmth than as a statement. The trend of dressing like him spread like wildfire, and now is making a comeback. Brands like Forever 21 and H and M showcased striped chunky sweaters and sneakers this past fall.
Kurt was a poet, an artist and the voice of a generation that didn't feel like it had one. I've always loved his style. It's low maintenance, easy to emulate and will always be on trend.
Check out Wildfox Couture for higher end sweaters, but if you really want Cobain's look all you need is a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors, an old pair of jeans and a baggy sweater or flannel. Unlike his talent, this style is easily duplicated.
The Ramones are a punk band that will never die. Their impact is seen throughout the rock and roll world in bands like Green Day, Fall Out Boy and just about everyone who dabbles in the punk genre.
The classic Ramones style consists of four key pieces:
1. An asymetrical leather jacket (motorcycle cut)
2. A white T, baggy
3. Jeans (any wash)
4. Black Converse Chuck Taylors
With this classic look you can pretty much go anywhere. It's simple and chic. Models like Cara Delevigne and Kendall Jenner wear ensembles using these basics all the time.
It's also quite popular for other rock stars like Billie Joe Armstrong and Jared Leto.
Pete Doherty is a polarizing figure in music, but his style definitely isn't. Sleek, sophisticated and elegantly wasted, his style epitomizes the rock and roll debauchery and slick chrome coolness of the 21st Century.
If you want Pete's look you've got to have some suit pieces. He likes to mix and match casual pieces and more formal attire.
Mix a black blazer with a graphic Tee and dark wash jeans. Pair with black leather boots, a big statement necklace and you're ready to go. Also consider black hats that jut out a bit. They're very chic for fall.
Consider a Union Jack print tee, crisp white shirts, and a mixture of different kinds of jackets (leather, blazers) to add to your wardrobe if you want the British style of the poetic and legendary songwriter.
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I always think Pete Doherty's style is so cool even if he's 100% dirty lol