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Lee Seung Gi took the #1 place last friday at the "Music Bank" on December 7th, taking the spotlight away from the popular hit song. KARA and Ailee had broken Psy's streak over the past few weeks but did not rank high enough for last week's "Viewer Preference Score"! Could Seung Gi keep up with the rank for the following weeks??
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loveflicka are you lee seung gi's fan too? he's so cute!!! :D
5 years ago·Reply
yeah! na touch ako! gwapo mo lee seung gi! dewong! :">
5 years ago·Reply
paige... yes, i am his fan~~ but just a normal one.. hehe, i really love this mv so much....
5 years ago·Reply
me too. so much! love this mv.! :">
5 years ago·Reply
ur the #1 for me lee seung gi,,saranghe
4 years ago·Reply