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The flawless J. K. Rowling has made one tragic mistake.
Ginny Weasley, littlest Weasley and previous #1 Harry fan was not meant to end up with the famous, heroic Harry Potter. Her destiny lies somewhere a bit more infamous; a bit more blonde…In other words Ginny Weasley totally should have ended up with Draco Malfoy.
Now I know what some of you are thinking, “What the bloody hell is wrong with you?”But think about it, Ginny deserves better. She has been overshadowed her whole life because of her brothers, does she really deserve to be overshadowed in marriage too? She helped to bring back and lead Dumbledore's Army and prepared the students for the final battle but all people will remember is precious Potter defeating the Dark Lord. Plus that Weasley tempter would totally keep Draco in check.
As a character only properly developed in fanfictions, J.K. Rowling lost her shot at making a second feminist icon (shout out to the perfect Hermione Granger being #1). Ginny could have been the second in command bad witch of the series; one who could handle intense, violent situations, complex spells and growing up in an all male house still lead by a matrich. Harry only continues to make her character seem like a little girl fawning over a celebrity, where as Draco would have pushed her to her limits.
Pus Draco Malfoy is gorgeous.
So sorry to all the haters out there, but Harry just isn’t good enough for our rebel little Weasley. Or maybe he is too good. Ginny and Draco forever! Like a modern day Romeo and Juliet without the suicide.
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@bulie I felt like the entire epilogue was unbelievable. As people grow older, they change, and it felt like between the last chapter and the epilogue none of the character growth you might expect to happen over those years had been explored. It was less about what I thought the characters deserved and more about what I felt like was missing.
I've always been happy with the ending of harry potter but this post and tumblr has me second guessing. I do like the Harry/ Hermione pairings. maybe I should look for some fan fics about them and some Ginny/ Draco too. thank you for this post @LizArnone it is quite interesting
The awesome thing about fanfiction @mrsburgos916 is that you can have your cake and eat it too. Love the original series, love Ginny/Draco and Harry/Hermione, we get to have it all :D
@bulie @shannonl5 that one brings up a wholeeeeee different discussion about the ending! But I agree Harry with Ginny was just so cliche. After all the twists and turns I wanted something a bit more shocking. @mrsburgos916 Im glad I got you rethinking some of the character pairing!! I hope you dive into the world of harry potter fan fiction. Let me tell you it is defiantly something that can keep your interest alive for years!
What.... Yes that would have been a Good spin on the dark side