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This girl, MayBaby has to be one of the luckiest girls I know that gets Kellog's Krave cereal sent to her for FREE! So that...she can make these awesome diy cereal treats that are fast, easy and SOOO DELICIOUS! I am seriously freaking out about the caramel apple one!

You will need:

1 box of Krave (or your favorite) cereal
fruits chopped up for skewers
some skewers
*You don't have to use actual chocolate. You can use butterscotch or mint chips or whatever you thing would taste good with fruit and cereal

So basically, you just:

Chop fruits
Skewer fruits
Melt chocolate and roll skewer in it
Crush cereal and sprinkle on top of skewered fruits
Like, can it get any simpler and more delicious than that?! OMG!
I just laughed so hard at the massive amount of Ghiradelli chocolate she had handy for this vid tutorial. It would have taken plenty of self-restraint on my part to make sure that all lasted in time for the recipe.
the fruit seems to be token ingredients. lol