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No one wants longer hair AND FASTER than me! I have been collecting so many cute braid ideas from all my Vinglers out there! (@modernromance @hairconfetti) Which is why, I am desperate to start eating peanuts because my new YouTube bestie, MayBaby, found great success in growing her hair using FOUR EASY STEPS.
1. Invest in a wide paddle brush with rounded tips.
2. Eat healthy nut fats.
3. Trim hair ends EVER SO SLIGHTLY every 4-6 weeks.
4. Agave oil (for hair) gets rubbed into hair ends and hair roots.
Following these four tips should yield longer, fuller, and healthier hair, which is what we are all after!
olive oil amla vatika sikakai for dark hair lemon drops rosemary oil and biotin .di biotin every day mix all this oil heat it up leave in the hair overnight massage the hair a lot of time.believe your hair will grow faster and of course vitamin d
@justigirl7 As with any allergen, you should avoid it. It's too bad that I don't have a nut alternative. So sorry about that.
what do u do if your allergic to nuts
instead of actually /drinking/ fish oil, wouldn't a tablet work just as well?