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I got this new deck from my buddy Bramdon Tissen. I hope you all have heard of him ;) Got the wheels from a dude Ostynn on the B/S/T Page, and the trucks have been mine for a while. The new gear I got on this whip is the Bones REDS bearings, and a pressure pad. I'm excited to get this baby out on the road! Schmang some hills, and also a good cruiser. 18.75" for the wheelbase, so it's about ready to take on anyhing I'll throw at it! I'm gonna have some fun freeriding with those 83a Morangas though
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How do you know the man?!
@IsaacPaulR he lives in the same valley I live in, and I met him out on a hill. One of my homies knew him before he picked up the big sponsors, and I try to get a sesh with him every time he's in town
That's sweet! Love the dark colours. What length is it?
It's the 37 incher. Feels pretty good just standing on it, and I'm thinking it will be pretty decent for sliding
Please blunt this thing to death! An get pics!