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Some notes for myself!
While I am pretty proud of myself for sewing all seven of these costumes for my friends, and how I've progressed and what I've learned, there are still things I wish I had more time to fix. Sewing is still an extreme learning process for me--and it always will be, but as this being my first "commission", it's extremely nerve wracking.
I don't have a dress form to precisely check my work on, so I'm truly trying my best for these in terms of sizing, length, etc. I've also learned that pattern sizing is really confusing in general?? I ran into this problem in sewing something before, and I gave up on that project, but naturally I had to keep going with these. Regardless of how much I sized down, they were all huge! For example, Aachan's top was /supposed/ to be a 10 in the pattern. However, I ended up having to size it down to a 4, and I still think it's too big! Luckily most of my friends are pretty close to or exactly the same size as me, so I've just used myself as a dress form~
There are also a lot of little nit-picky things that I've learned and will hopefully be able to work on and fix in the future with my sewing. But regardless, I really hope that my friends are happy with these! I crammed all of them into an extremely short time frame for whatever reason, but I think with the small amount of time I've had to work on them (plus all of the days I was set back with essays, finals, and other school work) I've done a pretty decent job. I've done a lot of things with these costumes that I've never done before sewing-wise, and this project has really pushed me to do better work. I still have to make two more (one for myself! heck yeah!!) in the future which I'm kinda sorta excited about!
Also never hand paint polka dots. Ever.
1. Mayuyu Top
2. Aachan Top
3. Takamina Top
4. Makoto Top (without bows)
Arent these the same costume @starberry is working on?
You're gonna share pics of them in them, right?? You did great!!! It'll get easier with time (and once you have a body form, lol)
They look professionally made. Well done!