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Okay, some of this is self-explanatory like set an alarm, turn your phone off, blah blah blah, but what is really realistic? Are we going to plan an exciting breakfast? Probably not. We'll probably be late, we'll probably forget breakfast.
Reading a book is a fun idea. I find that when I read before bed, as opposed to on my computer or phone my eyes feel better. You should definitely try that, if only for that reason.
I would never plan my most important things in the morning. It takes me a long time to get ready, and unless I'm on a schedule or heading to work, I like to schedule things in the afternoon. I'm more awake, more ready and generally happier in the afternoon, especially after lunch. Most of the time I miss breakfast, and I bet you do too.
Instead of stressing about making breakfast, choose pack-able options you can eat in the car or on your way to work.
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