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95% of the time, TSA agents were not able to find the fake or concealed weapons that investigators who were posing as passengers took through security at busy airports in the USA.
100% of the time, they take my water bottles.
Honestly, I think we already know this. I regularly pack my nail clippers and ever pocket knife in my carry on because I know it isn't going to be found, and even if it is, whats the $3 that I will lose?
The focus of the TSA in the US seems to be on providing a sense of safety as opposed to actually finding and stopping any threats. And now that the numbers are out (67 of 70 agents failed to detect anything suspicious), I feel less assured in their security procedures than ever before.
I'm ready for the "Security Theater" to end.
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This makes me so mad. They confiscated my hairspray the last time I went on a trip, but they let 95% of concealed weapons go?!
Thanks @drwhat ! These numbers are truly heinous. I hope the new guy does something to improve things – or else why do we have to stand in those annoying lines?? >:(
@nehapatel it's especially confusing because you can often buy those same things (water bottles, alcohol, etc.,) once you're inside the terminal. If someone really wanted to use those items to do some damage, they could buy them all at the duty-free stores.
@allischaaff Not sure exactly which one it was, but I think this about covers it. http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/06/02/411423341/head-of-tsa-reassigned-after-tests-reveal-security-failures @shannonl5 Really, the TSA got a huge investment a few years ago, and their rate of actually catching things has improved at all. They're doing no good. @riva Very true. The reasons they choose to flag people down are totally racial and stereotypically charged. It's difficult to understand how this hasn't been fixed sooner.
That is so true @riva the racial/religious bias there is ridiculous. Like there's never been a white extremist. It's shameful and does nothing to keep anyone safe.
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